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Hover over the images to learn more about your custom experience in the sauna


cool off after your session with ice cold towels dipped in

fresh water
witch hazel
pure essential oils
(peppermint and lavender)


96 medicalgrade
LED color lights

bluetooth speakers in roof

towels and fresh filtered water provided 

Relax in comfort with moveable support cushions  

30 minute sessions 

$3o - 1 person session 

$45 - 2 person session 

+ $10 to add Halotherapy to any sauna session 


3% pharmaceutical grade saline solution.


The micro-sized salt particles are  dispersed into the air for you to breath in


stimulate the respiratory system, reduce inflammation, fight infection, clear blockages and reduce discomfort.

Halotherapy, also known as Salt Therapy, mimics the climate of a salt cave. Micro sized particles of pharmaceutical grade salt is vaporized into the air during a sauna session. To learn more visit the FAQ below.

  • What do I wear to my sauna session?
    We encourage you to wear loose fitting clothing (sun dresses, sweat pants, basketball shorts). Putting on a tight pair of jeans or leggings while sweaty is another workout after your session!! lol. While in the sauna we suggest you wear as little as possible to avoid over heating (swim suit, underwear, tank top/shorts). There will always be a fresh towel between you and the sauna at all times. (we proivde all the towels!)
  • What do I bring to my session?
    We provide towels and fresh drinknig water for during and after your session. You may bring your own water bottle to limit the use disposbale cups. There are bluetooth speakers inside the sauna for your use. Most people choose to put on their own music, guided meditation, or audiobook by connecting their phone.
  • Does the sauna fit more than 1 person at a time?
    The sauna fits up to 2 people per session. We offer 2 person sessions at a discounted rate ($45 for a 2 person 30 minute session)! If you would like to book for you and a friend please book your session on our online booking site and email us at your friends name and email and we will add them to your session.
  • What is the difference between a tradition wet sauna and an infrared sauna?
    A traditional wet sauna, like one you may have at your gym or luxury spa, is a room heated anywhere from 180-220 degrees. Using water poured over hot stones, the hot air-filled room then heats your body. An infrared (IR) sauna uses light energy to heat your body’s core and only about 20% of the heat goes into the air. Heating your core during a sauna session is important in stimulating your lymphatic system, cardiovascular (heart and vessels), and your immune system. Your body’s natural reaction to infrared heat is to sweat profusely, aiding in the detoxification process. Clearlight IR sauna’s detoxify the body 87% better than traditional wet saunas (Detox Articles) .
  • What is infrared (IR)?
    Infrared heat is thermal light energy emitted between 700 nm – 1 mm wave lengths, and is often invisible to the human eye. Infrared heat is emitted or absorbed by molecules when they change their vibrational movements. IR heat is radiant energy that increases the vibrational tone of your body’s cells. You can think of infrared wavelengths as the warmth you feel from the sun, however the IR heat in the sauna does not emit the harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays like the sun.
  • What does an IR sauna help with?
    IR sauna has many health benefits! In short, the infrared heat helps your body’s natural ability to heal. Check out the Clearlight blog and these research articles about how the infrared sauna can help you. Use infrared energy as a tool to help you relax and de-stress, compliment your chiropractic adjustments, and heal from within.
  • What is chromo (color) light therapy?
    Color therapy dates back to ancient Mayan Egyptian cultures, and has been utilized in traditional Chinese Medicine. Research studies continue to go on worldwide to back the health and cosmetic benefits of colored light therapy. Color therapy is intense exposure to a specific wavelength of color to achieve healing properties. Depending on what benefits you are trying to achieve with color therapy check out this info-sheet to learn more about color therapy! Our infrared sauna has 96 medical grade LED lights, in addition to the infrared heaters. During your sauna session you have the option to choose 1 of 6 colors, or use the "auto" option and rotate between all 6 colors.
  • Can I benefit from the sauna if I am not a chiropractic patient at Wāv?
    Yes! We welcome everyone the opportunity to gain access to our sauna, you do not need to be an active patient in our office to make an appointment for the sauna.
  • I primarily use a wheel chair to get around; can I still use the IR sauna?
    Yes! We have an ADA compliant wood ramp making it easily accessible if you use a wheelchair or other assistive device to help you get around. There are two benches in the sauna that are removable if you prefer to stay in your wheelchair or assistive device during your session. Be sure to inform our staff when scheduling your initial appointment if you will need any modifications. We are pleased to serve all abilities.
  • How long is a sauna session?
    We offer 30 minute IR sauna sessions for 1 or 2 people. Your session will always be private unless you decide to book with a friend or loved one.
  • Can I purchase more than one session at a time?
    Yes, we encourage you to buy one of our pakages to save time and money! We offer multiple one and two person packages and memberships. We even offer gift certificates! Please call our office at 610-615-8233 for our current packages and specials.
  • How do I make an appointment?
    You can book online by clicking here. If you would like to book with a friend, please book your time and email us at your friends name and email and we will get them in our system. We do not allow double booking on our online site for privacy reasons but encourage friends or loved ones to come together!

See what Founder of Clearlight, Dr. Raleigh Duncan, has to say about the health benefits of IR Sauna

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