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We're looking for an Associate Doc to join our all female team!

Job Type: 

Associateship practicing alongside two other Docs. 


Job description: 

The Wāv Collective is a female owned and staffed holistic healing center in Sinking Spring, PA. At Wāv, we have two chiropractors who work together to provide the most holistic care for moms, babies, and the rest of the family. Both of our chiropractors, Dr. Felicia Devine and Dr. Taylor Sandin, are certified in the Webster technique, allowing them to fulfill their shared passion of helping mothers prepare their mind, body, and spirit for delivery and postpartum. Chiropractic care during pregnancy helps mom maintain the balance between strength and flexibility, can help in maintaining a pleasant pregnancy, and encourage proper fetal positioning before delivery. 


One feature of our practice is insight scanning, a series of gentle scans that reveal information about your nervous system that our doctors would otherwise not know. Insight scanning helps our doctors make an accurate plan of care based on your body’s needs, and provides a visual tool for you to see the progress your body is making in real time as you receive care. 


Our main focus at Wāv is to help moms and babies thrive through pregnancy and beyond, but the ultimate goal is wellness for everyone! Our services are available to people of all ages and walks of life. In addition to chiropractic care we are home to an infrared sauna with chromotherapy and optional halotherapy.


Our ideal DC candidate should have interest in treating pediatric and pregnant patients. We are located in Sinking Spring, a borough in Berks County, Pennsylvania, about 90 min. northwest of Philadelphia, 30 min northeast of Lancaster and 45 minutes southwest of Allentown. 


Vision: A health-promoting community full of vibrant families choosing to live self-empowered. 

Mission: To create space for individuals to become more connected to themselves and their community through integrated health care.

Purpose: To serve out of abundant love, with clear and connected intention of the body’s natural ability to heal.  


Our Doctors practice full spine adjusting, utilizing techniques such as Diversified, Thompson Drop and are Webster Certified. We utilize an Arthrostim for various patient populations when warranted. Our philosophy on whole body healing and connection starts globally and moves in towards local dysfunctions.

This is an exciting opportunity to work in a well-established, multidisciplinary healthcare clinic and to learn and collaborate with a team of experienced providers. We are looking for an energetic & motivated doctor to help treat our existing patients and grow her/his patient base. 



Commission, with base for the first 6 months to ensure a steady income while building up proficiency in our systems and patient base. 


  • Chiropractic License in the state of PA (Required)

  • Webster Certification (Required)



  • Perform initial exams and progress re-exams (medical history, focused physical exam, review pertinent imaging/documents/reports)

  • Provide excellent communication to patients about the benefits of chiropractic care

  • Patient education, 1-1 Patient Report of Findings

  • Treatment plan options, pre and post treatment care

  • Educate on lifestyle modifications, and take-home stretches/exercises

  • Skilled and specific full spine adjustments

  • Accurate recording of SOAP notes

  • The coachability in learning TMJ adjusting 

  • To be able to learn INSIGHT Scanning (How to interpret scans and perform scans) 



  • Use of the infrared sauna during business hours, while not on shift

  • Complementary adjustments by other DCs, immediate family members living in the same household also receive complementary care at Wāv (Doctors see their own family members)

  • Mentorship / learning under Dr. Felicia Devine



  • Seeking associate to start at earliest convenience. Dr. Taylor is going out on Maternity leave in February (new associate will be getting lots of hands on adjusting early on!)


Contact Info:

Please send inquiries to Dr. Felicia at (link below). Serious inquiries only please. 

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