Assisted Stretch

A hands-on full-body stretch is provided to each patient and tailored to fit their individual needs. Multiple stretching techniques will be utilized to achieve maximal results.


The benefits of stretching include increased soft tissue flexibility, decreased risk of injury, increased venous and lymphatic return, pain reduction, and deep relaxation with sympathetic down-regulation. 

30 minutes: $45 

60 minutes: $85 

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Services performed by Courtney Woytovich, DPT, PT, ATC


An energetic healing service that facilitates deep relaxation, sympathetic down-regulation and emotional balance.


This service is performed with the patient lying face up and is beneficial for those suffering from chronic stress, pain, fatigue, PTSD, insomnia and many other physical or emotional ailments. Leave your session feeling relaxed, refreshed and reenergized.

30 minutes: $40 

60 minutes: $75 

Raindrop Technique 

A systematic application of essential oils combined with hands-on manipulation of a patient’s soft tissues which brings about electrical and energetic balance in the body.


This technique allows the musculoskeletal and nervous systems to return to their intended electrical states which facilitates muscular relaxation, tension release and structural realignment. This technique can be adapted for children and pregnant patients.

*Dr Courtney is working toward her certification in this technique. Suggested donation is $50 to cover the cost of supplies until certification is complete*



Stretch & Sauna

Two (2) 60-minute Assisted Stretch sessions + One (1) Sauna session: $175

savings: $25


Super Stretch & Sauna

Four (4) 60-minute Assisted Stretch sessions + Two (2) Sauna sessions: $330

savings: $70


Reiki Bundles

Three (3) 60-minute Reiki sessions: $200

savings: $25

Five (5) 60-minute Reiki sessions: $325

savings: $50

packages may be purchased in person or over the phone.