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The Goldilocks of Chiropractic - How to Choose a Chiropractic Clinic That's Just Right!

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Chiropractic is a very personal and individualized form of healthcare. When choosing a chiropractor for yourself or your family it is important that the clinic, and doctor, fit your needs. To best help you decide on where to go here are 4 tips to help narrow down your options when choosing a chiropractor.

1. What are your needs and expectations?

Every chiropractor has a different skill set, niche, and overall area of expertise. To immediately narrow down your options, decide what it is you are seeking from a chiropractor.

- Sports related injury or prevention

- Pre / Postnatal support

- Pediatric / developmental care

- TMJ dysfunction

- Chronic pain management

- Animal Chiropractic

This list can be as vague or specific as you need it to be. Some people are seeking help for very specific issues, some people are searching for a place of support on their wellness journey.

This set of needs will help you when doing your research on clinics and chiropractors by greatly narrowing down the options. If a chiropractor doesn't specialize, or talk about (insert need/symptom), on their website or social media then they are probably not the clinic that will fulfill your needs.

Having a clear understanding of what it is your needs and expectations are will set you up to filter through the google listings and "chiropractors near me" overwhelm.

2. Read the Reviews and Testimonials

Once you have landed on a clinic that fits your needs look to places where you can see their reviews and testimonies. These places include but are not limited to the clinics:

  • Google listing

  • Facebook page

  • Instagram feed / story highlights

  • Yelp listing

  • Website

Look for reviews that highlight similar symptoms or needs you may have. If you are pregnant, look for testimonials from other pregnant women who have had experiences at that clinic.

3. Visit the Clinics Website and Social Media Sites

Most clinics these days have an updated website. (If they do not, consider continuing your search). Websites are virtual presentations for how a clinic and their staff run their practice.

Browse through the different pages they have listed. Read about their staff, their chiropractic techniques, philosophy, see what services they provide.

You should feel a sense of "yes, this is a place I will feel comfortable and cared for" or "no, this is not a place I see myself". Your no can be for many different reasons. Simply not feeling connected to their website is a valid reason, actually any feeling you may have through this process is valid. Listen to your gut, always.

Social media isn't for everyone and every clinic. Bonus information for you if the clinic has social media sites. Here you can get a sense of the clinics community and culture. See what they post about, what they share about, and their overall vibe. Social media is very telling. If the clinic does not have social listings that shouldn't necessarily be a deal breaker.

4. Determine the Accessibility

It is not uncommon to frequent a chiropractor more often than your dentists or primary care doc. With this is mind, you want to make sure that this office suits your needs for accessibility.

  • Is there a parking lot / free off street parking

  • Is it close to a major road that has quick access if you are driving

  • Is it within walking distance if you live in a city and don't drive

  • Do you need to climb a flight of stairs to get to their office (not ideal for wheelchairs and strollers)

A great way to gain insight on this is by dropping the little google man on the map with street view. Street view will give you an idea of what the office location is like. This might not yield all answers but it will be a great indication for what to expect in person.


These tips are here to help set you up for success in finding a chiropractor that suits your needs, the first time. It is common to see patients that have tried various chiropractors and clinics prior to arriving at my office. For one reason or another they didn't feel like they clicked or that they were getting the care they had expected.

It is my hope that you find a chiropractor that is the right fit for you and your family after reading this. If you are needing recommendations for a chiropractor in your area feel free to leave a comment, or email us at . I have an extensive network of chiropractors I trust around the US and globally.

- Dr. Felicia Devine, DC

Wāv Chiropractic, Sinking Spring, PA

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